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(af) Sentrifugale reëlaar · (ca) Regulador centrífug · (cs) Wattův odstředivý regulátor · (de) Fliehkraftregler · (es) Regulador centrífugo · (fr) Régulateur à boules · (he) וסת צנטריפוגלי · (hu) Centrifugál regulátor · (io) Komando-valvo · (it) Regolatore centrifugo · (nl) Centrifugaalregelaar · (no) Sentrifugalregulator · (pl) Regulator odśrodkowy obrotów · (pt) Governador centrífugo · (ru) Центробежный регулятор · (sv) Centrifugalregulator · (uk) Відцентровий регулятор · (vi) Bộ điều tốc ly tâm · (zh) 離心式調速器 · +/−
Centrifugal governor 
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Inception 1788
Authority control
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A centrifugal governor is a specific type of governor that controls the speed of an engine by regulating the amount of fuel (or working fluid) admitted, so as to maintain a near constant speed whatever the load or fuel supply conditions. It uses the principle of proportional control.


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