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Deutsch: Chaisen (Kutschen), sing. Chaise, auch Stuhlwagen; Leichter, offener, zweirädriger Wagen, von einem einzigen Pferd gezogen, für eine oder zwei Personen und mit oder ohne Faltverdeck; während des 18. Jahrhunderts und frühen 19. Jahrhunderts in England und den Vereinigten Staaten populär. (Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus)
English: Chaises (carriages), sing. chaise [sometimes called chay or shay]; light,open, two-wheeled carriages drawn by a single horse, for one or two passengers, and with or without foldable hoods; popular in England and the United States during the 18th and early 19th centuries. (Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus)

A term applied to various pleasure or travelling carriages, the exact application having varied from time to time (source OED):

a. A light open carriage for one or two persons, often having a top or calash; those with four wheels resembling the phaeton, those with two the curricle; also loosely used for pleasure carts and light carriages generally.
Also: ‘A chaise and pair; a chaise and four: the term of later days for a light vehicle, with four wheels, drawn by two or four horses’.
b. A carriage for travelling, having a closed body and seated for one to three persons, the driver sitting on one of the horses; more distinctively called a post-chaise (source Oxford English Dictionary)
chaise-cart n. a light cart suitable for driving in. (source Oxford English Dictionary)
  • Etymology: < modern French chaise (chaize Cotgrave), a phonetic alteration of chaire, established in the ordinary sense ‘chair’, whence by extension ‘sedan-chair’, and by transference a wheeled vehicle for travelling in. In this later sense alone chaise passed into English.(source Oxford English Dictionary)
Español: Sillas volantes, sing. silla volante. Úsese para designar un carruaje ligero, abierto de dos ruedas, tirados por un único caballo, para uno o dos pasajeros, y con o sin cubierta plegable. Fue popular en Inglaterra y en Estados Unidos durante el siglo XVIII y principios del siglo XIX.(Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus)
Français : Chaises (hippomobiles), sing. chaise.


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