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Chandra images are images taken by the Chandra telescope, or composites of those images as created by the Chandra X-Ray. Chandra images are generally in the public domain, with some exceptions. The key to the Chandra credits is: Organization funding or owning the telescope / PI's institution(s) / PI's name. The key question for determining (c) is how many different funding organizations are involved.

  • Copyright is jointly owned by all of the funding-organizations.
  • Telescopes owned by NASA produce images that are public domain.
  • Single images may involve multiple PIs, e.g., NRAO/AUI/NSF/GBT/VLA/Dyer. Only NRAO needs to give permission for this work.
  • Images may be a composite of multiple wavelengths, eacn from a different effort. Each layer is separated by a semicolon, and has its own credits as above.

From OTRS ticket 879202:

So NASA/CXC/UC Berkeley/N. Smith et al. indicates NASA ownership of the telescope, we add CXC to indicate Chandra, then the PI's institution and the PI and/team for intellectual credit. If there is only one iteration of these three categories, and NASA is the name indicating ownership of the telescope, then the image or material is public domain. The other places simply give credit for the science discovery. If the first set of three is followed by a comma, and another credit in which the owner of the telescope is not named as NASA, then you have to get permission from the other organization to use that other layer or layers of the image.

Example: SN1006 has

a 2008 image that is a composite of NASA, NRAO, and NOAO data: [1] (requiring permission from NRAO and NOAO to use)
a 2013 image that is only a layer from NASA: [2], and so is PD. This is on the Chandra Flickr account as well: [3]

Please read the talk page before relying on the information above.


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