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Prospect Cemetery is located on the CUNY campus of York College in Jamaica, Queens, N.Y. It is the oldest recognized cemetery in NYC and was originally the cemetery behind St. Monica's Church (Queens). The Chapel of the Sister was built in 1857 and was refurbished in 2007 with assistance from the office of the then Queen's boro president, Helen Marshall. Saint Monica's Church has been refurbished on the Campus of York College as a child care center. Nicholas Ludlum was personally responsible for the construction of the “Chapel of the Sisters,” named so to honor his three daughters who died years before. In 2007, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, in collaboration with preservation and community groups, celebrated the restoration of the Chapel of the Sisters, which took almost five years of fundraising by the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation and the New York Landmarks Committee. The main highlight in this project was to restore two rose windows decorating the north and south facades of the chapel. It was built as a Romanesque Revival building and measured approximately 40 by 40 feet and 25 feet high.

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