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English: In English, people often, erroneously, call Putti cherubs. A cherub (plural cherubim, cherubs) is a biblical creature with a human head, and wings, and in some parts of the bible, is a mixture of ox, lion, eagle, and king.
Português: Querubins. Em português os Putti são muitas vezes designados por querubins
English: Distinguish Category:Putti babies with wings, Category:Cherubs baby faces with wings, and Category:Cherubims (angelic hierarchy) adults figures with various attributes : two to six wings, usually covered by eyes.
Français : Différencier Category:Putti bébés avec des ailes, Category:Cherubs visages de bébé avec des ailes, et Category:Cherubims (angelic hierarchy) formes adultes avec des attributs variés : deux à six ailes, souvent bleues, couvertes d’œils.


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