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English: The Chinle Valley — a valley on the Navajo Nation, in Arizona.
  • Chinle Creek (Chinle Wash) flows north through the Valley into Utah to a confluence with the San Juan River, of southeast Utah, northwest New Mexico, and southwest Colorado.

  • Chinle Valley is located at:
  1. East of Monument Valley, specifically, the Comb Ridge monocline.
  2. Black Mesa is the west and southwest border. Chuska Mountains & San Juan Basin are east.
  3. Four Corners is to the northeast.

(7) members of the Chinle Formation occur in Chinle Valley
------7 & 6----Mesa Redondo Member? and Temple Mountain Member" (youngest)
------5----Owl Rock Member
------4----Upper Petrified Forest Member (?)
------3----Petrified Forest Member
------2----Monitor Butte Member
------1----en:Shinarump Conglomerate (base member, oldest)


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