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These works or works by this artist may not be in the public domain, because the artist has not been dead for at least 70 years. Please do not upload photographs or scans of works by this artist, unless they meet one of the following exceptions:
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  • The work is permitted by a legal exception such as freedom of panorama or de minimis;
  • The work was released by the author or their heirs via E-mail confirmed authorization;
  • The work was released by the author under an open license on their website, or an official account with a site such as Flickr;
  • The work is known to be in the public domain for some other clear reason.
Works of this artist first published before 1929 can be uploaded to English Wikipedia (see en:Template:PD-US-expired-abroad). For more information, see Commons:Licensing and Commons:Derivative works.
<nowiki>Christo y Jeanne-Claude; Christo és Jeanne-Claude; Christo eta Jeanne-Claude; Christo y Jeanne-Claude; Христо и Жанна-Клод; Christo a Jeanne-Claude; کریستو و ژان کلود; 克里斯多與珍妮-克勞德; Christo og Jeanne-Claude; Christo ve Jeanne-Claude; 基斯杜與珍歌迪; Christo och Jeanne-Claude; כריסטו וז'אן-קלוד; Christo ja Jeanne-Claude; Christo kaj Jeanne-Claude; Christo a Jeanne-Claude; Christo e Jeanne-Claude; Christo et Jeanne-Claude; Christo ja Jeanne Claude; Christo e Jeanne-Claude; Christo ir Jeanne-Claude; 크리스토 자바체프; Քրիստո և Ժան Կլոդ; Christo und Jeanne-Claude; Christo en Jeanne-Claude; คริสโตและฌอง-โคลด; Christo og Jeanne-Claude; Christo og Jeanne-Claude; 克里斯多與珍妮-克勞德; Christo i Jeanne-Claude; Christo i Jeanne-Claude; Christo i Jeanne-Claude; Christo a Jeanne-Claude; Christo and Jeanne-Claude; كريستو وجان كلود; Κρίστο και Ζαν-Κλοντ; ジャンヌ・クロード; coppia di artisti statunitensi; matrimoni d'artistes; couple d'artistes contemporains; Manželský umělecký pár; konstnärsduo; زوجان فنانان; amerikansk kunstnerpar; 環境裝置藝術家夫妻二人組; супружеская пара, занимающаяся искусством; זוג נשוי שפעלו כאמני סביבה; Künstlerehepaar; yhdysvaltalainen ympäristötaitelijapariskunta; husband-and-wife environmental installation artist duo; artista paro; 環境裝置藝術家夫妻二人組; kunstenaarsduo; Christo y Jeanne Claude; クリスト・アンド・ジャンヌ=クロード; クリストとジャンヌ=クロード; Christo and Jeanne-Claude; Christo et Jeanne-Claude; ฌอง-โคลด; คริสโต; Christo and Jeanne-Claude; Явашев; Кристо; 克劳德夫妇; 克里斯多與珍·克勞德; 克里斯托; 克里斯托與珍妮-克勞德; 基斯杜與珍歌迪; 克里斯多與珍·克勞德; 基斯杜與珍歌迪</nowiki>
Christo kaj Jeanne-Claude 
artista paro
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Vikidatumoj Q158477
VIAF (internacia) identigilo: 137146937717513831233
GND-identigilo (Germanio): 1106581296
ULAN (internacia) identigilo: 500386392
ento en Europeana: agent/base/71019
identigilo de IMDb: nm3409843
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