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Some hints for Austrian users:

  • Bitte sortieren Sie die Bilder direkt in entsprechende Kategorien ein, nicht hier in die Hauptkategorie, gemäß Commons:Kategorien.

Some hints for English-speaking users:

  • Please sort all images into categories as specific as possible, see Commons:Categories for further help.

Favoured set of 7 criteria:

  1. Gemeinde (municipality)
  2. in Bundesland (state) →Bezirk (district)
    by city (sorts automatically into state, district and municipality)
  3. by century/decade: [[Category:####s churches in Austria]]
  4. by patron saint: [[Category:Saint XXXX churches]], some →in Austria or even →by state/city
  5. by religion:
    1. catholic: [[Category:Churches in Archdiocese of YYYY]]
    2. all others: by religious denomination
  6. by type (architectural types and/or ecclestial rank/function)
  7. by style (+) by state


  • feel free (dare to/you're welcome/it's requested) to add missing categories following scheme above, even (!) if just one entry inthere by now - it will grow..
  • always do a distinct category for any church, and categorize the category, even (!) if just one entry inthere by now - it will grow..
    • don't forget to put any picture the church is seen into the category, even if small: we want to see a church embedded in landscape and sorrounding buildings
    • certain images are categorized by what is seen precisely: Church elements like portals, towers, altars, interiors, and so on

Inhere only 4 sets:

“ ” = by criteria
“!” = architectural themes
“#” = state of Austria (sorted by NUTS-number)
“*” = types of view (panoramic, interior, ..)


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