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  • Chushin Gakki. guitar-list (2011-10-28). "The Chushin factory was established in 1948 by K. Miyazawa to make educational instruments. During the 1950s the company started making electric guitars and by 1961 it was making electric guitars only. In 1972 Y. Miyazawa (the son of the founder) joined the company. Chushin Gakki made OEM guitars for Charvel, Jackson and Robin in the early 1980s, as well as their own designs, such as Bambu and El Maya (EM series)." (... and also Azumi)
  • QuantumRider of JCF. Jackson Stars - The history of the Japanese Jackson Stars guitars. AUDIOZONE.DK for Jackson and Charvel guitar players. "As you might know, import Charvel and import Jackson guitars have been built in Japan since spring of 1986. From 1986 through 1994, Jackson had a contract with Kyowa-Shokai (a trading company), who had Chushin Gakki (a factory in Nagano prefecture) build the Charvels and Jacksons for sale domestically and abroad. / When the contract expired in 1994, ... Chushin Gakki, ... apparently felt that there was a market for Jackson guitars in Japan. ... Therefore, they continued to produce guitars with "pointy headstocks" (for which they hold Japanese Trademark Registration No. 2150759) under various brand names, such as "Grover Jackson", "Team GJ", and "Jackson Stars". / The brands "Grover Jackson" and "Team GJ" were phased out after 2001, and Chushin Gakki currently sells guitars under the name "Jackson Stars". The same factory still continues to make the MIJ Jacksons for the U.S. market. Some Jackson Stars are made in America. However, if they are sold in Japan and distributed through Chushin Gakki, they must have the "Stars" on the headstock."


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