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English: Are protection devices for installing to DIN rail. As usual, there are specified disconnecting ability, continuing current and characteristic. By characteristic, they are divided to:
  • A (sometimes Z) - 1 to 3 In
  • B ("bedroom") - 3 to 5 In
  • C ("coil") - 5 to 10 In
  • K ("crane") - 8 to 14 In
  • D ("distribution")
    • Europe - 10 to 20 In
    • Russia - 20 to 50 In
  • E ("energy") - 5 to 30 In
So, marking "B16" on circuit breaker means, that it can extend 80 Amperes instantly and 16 Amperes of continuing current. If we need to connect some load through B16, our wiring should cause more than 80 Amperes of short circuit current to supply disenergizing, which could be calculated by wire resistance equation (wire gauge increases with wire lengthening).


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