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  • Gregg Miner. Organology: Harp Guitar "Relatives" - Arch-citterns. "...”
    I separate this group into what I call "true" arch-citterns and "false" arch-citterns. The instruments of the first group are theorboed versions of historically traditional "true" citterns. The second (and most common) group consists of superficially similar instruments, descended from guittars (aka "English guitars")(ergo "false" citterns). Stringing and tuning are the main factors that separate the two general groups. / "True" / "False" (arch-cistre, arch-guittar, etc.) / For more information on the cittern, visit the wonderful Renovata Cythara site. / For more information on the guittar and its relatives, see P. Poulopoulos: The Guittar in the British Isles, 1750-1810”,
    Note to the casual reader or researcher: This Reference Gallery features historical instruments that are not harp guitars, but “relatives” or distant “cousins” – presented on for historical and organological comparison.


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