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  • English: Cleisthenes (Greek: Κλεισθένης, also Clisthenes or Kleisthenes) was a noble Athenian of the Alcmaeonid family. He is credited with reforming the constitution of ancient Athens and setting it on a democratic footing in 508/7 BC. For these accomplishments, historians refer to him as "the father of Athenian democracy." He was the maternal grandson of the tyrant Cleisthenes of Sicyon, as the younger son of the latter's daughter Agariste and her husband Megacles.
  • Italiano: Clistene (in greco Κλεισθένης Kleisthénês) (Atene, 565 a.C. – Atene, 492 a.C.) è stato un politico greco antico, portò avanti l'opera di Solone, e fu insieme a questo uno dei padri della democrazia.
Athenian politician and constitutional reformer who set Athens on a democratic footing
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Name in native languageΚλεισθένης
Date of birth565 BC (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584), c. 570 BC
Date of deathUnknown
Country of citizenship
Position held
  • eponymous archon (524 BC, 523 BC)
  • Megacles
  • Agariste of Sicyon
  • Hippocrates
  • Coesyra
Authority control
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Clístenes de Atenas (es); Kleiszthenész (hu); Kleisþenes (is); Клисфен (ru); Kleisthenes von Athen (de); Клісфен (be); Клистен (sr-ec); Клистен (bg); Kleistenes (tr); クレイステネス (ja); Kleisthenes (sv); Κλεισθένης (el); קלייסתנס (he); Clisthenes Atheniensis (la); 克里斯提尼 (zh-hant); 克里斯提尼 (zh-cn); Kleisthenes vo Athen (gsw); 클레이스테네스 (ko); Клисфен (kk); Klisteno de Ateno (eo); Kleisthenés (cs); 克里斯提尼 (zh-hans); Clistene (it); 克里斯提尼 (zh); Clisthène (fr); Clístenes de Atenas (gl); Kleisthenes (et); Klisten (sh); Kleisthenes (br); Kleisthenes (sk); Klisten (sr-el); 克里斯提尼 (zh-tw); Клісфен (uk); Clístenes (pt); کلئیستنس (fa); Clístenes (ca); Kleisthenes (af); Клистен (sr); Klejsten (sl); 克里斯提尼 (zh-sg); Clistene (ro); Cleisthenes (sco); Kleisthenes (id); Klejstenes (pl); Kleisthenes (nb); Clisthenes van Athene (nl); Реформите на клистен во атина (mk); قلیستھانس (ur); Կլիսթենես (hy); 克里斯提尼 (zh-hk); Cleisthenes (en); كليسثنيس (ar); Clisten (vec); Kleisthenes (fi) politico e legislatore ateniese (it); Athener Staatsreformer (de); antiikin kreikkalainen poliitikko (fi); Athenian politician and constitutional reformer who set Athens on a democratic footing (en); réformateur et politicien qui instaura les fondements de la démocratie athénienne (fr); 雅典政治家古代雅典的宪法改革,并将民主的基础 (zh); politicus uit Oude Athene (565v Chr-492v Chr) (nl) Clistenes de Atenas (es); Kleisthenes van Athene (af); Clisthène l'Athénien, Clisthene (fr); 克利斯提尼 (zh); Kleisthenés (sk); Kleistenes, Kleisthenes (pl); Kleistenes (nb); Kleisten (sh); Kleistenes (br); Cleisthenes van Athene, Kleisthenes van Athene, Clisthenes (nl); Kleisthenés (de); Clístenes de Atenas (pt); Klistenes, Cleisthenes, Kleisthenes (tr); Клісфен Афінський (uk); Kleisthenes (cs); קליסתנס (he)


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