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APG IV Classification: DomainEukaryota • (unranked)Archaeplastida • RegnumPlantae • Cladusangiosperms • Claduseudicots • Claduscore eudicots • Cladussuperrosids • Cladusrosids • Claduseurosids I • CladusCOM • OrdoOxalidales • FamiliaConnaraceae • Genus: Cnestis Juss.
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Included species (for The Plant List):
C. bomiensis, C. corniculata, C. ferruginea, C. macrantha, C. macrophylla, C. mannii, C. mildbraedii, C. palala, C. polyphylla, C. racemosa, C. uncata, C. urens, C. yangambiensis
Note: only species listed as 'Accepted'
Included species (for Tropicos):
C. agelaeiodes, C. angolensis, C. annamensis, C. aurantiaca, C. boiviniana, C. bomiensis, C. borbonensis, C. bullata, C. calantha, C. calocarpa, C. cinnabarina, C. claessensii, C. confertiflora, C. congolana, C. corniculata, C. diffusa, C. dinklagei, C. emarginata, C. erecta, C. ferruginea, C. florida, C. fraterna, C. gabunensis, C. gimbiensis, C. glabra, C. grandiflora, C. grandifoliata, C. grandifoliolata, C. grisea, C. hirsuta, C. iomalla, C. laurentii, C. lescrauwaetii, C. leucantha, C. leucanthoides, C. liberica, C. longiflora, C. lurida, C. macrantha, C. macrophylla, C. madagascariensis, C. mannii, C. mildbraedii, C. monadelpha, C. monodelpha, C. mullendersii, C. natalensis, C. obliqua, C. oblongifolia, C. palala, C. pentaphylla, C. pinnata, C. platantha, C. polyantha, C. polyphylla, C. prehensilis, C. pseudoracemosa, C. pynaertii, C. racemosa, C. ramiflora, C. riparia, C. sapinii, C. scandens, C. setosa, C. stenopetala, C. togoensis, C. tomentosa, C. trichopoda, C. trifolia, C. ugandensis, C. uncata, C. urens, C. vanderystii, C. vestita, C. volubilis, C. yangambiensis, C. zenkeri
Note: list containing potentially synonyms


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