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English: This is a collection of coal company building pictures taken from roadside (U.S. Route 209, U.S. Route 309, and Pennsylvania Route 54) on a five day railfaning trip to the Anthracite coal fields of eastern Pennsylvania. These images will be listed as well by locale, in these classifications:

• Category:Carbon County, Pennsylvania •Category:Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania •Category:Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
• Category:U.S. Route 209 •Category:Pennsylvania Route 309 •Category:Pennsylvania Route 54
  • While these images will indicate a close approximate location of where the photograph was taken, by-and-large, the corporate names have been un-researched (being outside the scope of our interests at this time) and so are of unknown companies.
  • It is extremely likely the mines, mine equipment, or culm heaps in this series belongs to the 'New Company'or Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company, but the facility across the street in (Google Maps street view) from IMGs#4016-4027 has an fairly new looking 'Old Company' sign saying: Lehigh Coal & Navigation Company. Given the near monopoly the Old Company had of property in Carbon County and eastern Schuylkill county of these three counties, and heeding discussions with locals, that the same family still owns much of the coal, we'd be surprised if any other companys owned the properties shown here.
  • The exceptions are the Manhanoy Creek Valley coal companies, Blachack and the Gilberton Coal Company pictures which while fitting the PA-Rt-54 motif, are not LC&N nor LCAN, or uncertain, hence stand apart.
  • If a reader can identify and associate a company with these pictures, by all means please do so BY MAKING AN EDIT.


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