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The coat of arms of the Colony of Singapore was granted by Royal Warrant on 13 September 1948. It consisted of a red shield bearing a gold lion passant guardant (walking with its right fore paw raised, its head turned to face the viewer) on a tower, which also appeared on the first quarter of the coat of arms of the Straits Settlements. (According to the blazon of the latter coat of arms, the device was described as "gules, issuant from the base a tower proper, on the battlements thereof a lion passant guardant Or".) The crest of the coat of arms was the top-half of a lion rampant guardant with a flag with a white background with a red inverted pall and a crown on it. (The blazon of the Straits Settlements coat of arms described the lion and the flag as "a demi-lion rampant guardant supporting in the paws a staff proper, thereon flying to the sinister a banner ...", and the design on the flag may be described as a red inverted pall charged with a single crown all on a white field.) In the Singapore Annual Reports, the coat of arms was shown with a red and gold mantling, an esquire's silver helm, and a red and gold torse.