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See also Armorial des souverains du Saint-Empire

Shield and Coat of Arms of the Holy Roman Emperor (c.1200-c.1300).svg Holy Roman Empire Arms-double head.svg

Title : until Charles V (1519 † 1552), sovereign of the Holy Roman Empire had the title of kings of Romans as soon as he was elected. It could use the title of emperor only after the sacre by the pope. After Charles Quint, Habsbourg took the title of emperor just after their election without being sacred. During these two periods some princes were associated the throne of living of an emperor: these princes then took the title of king of Romans .

Coats of arms : since 13th century, tradition put the personnal blazon of the emperor on Holy Empire blazon. Before 1368, these coats are an eagle with one head. After 1368, emperors use an eagle with two heads and kings of romans use an eagle with one head.


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