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  • All TOE regiments and TOE separate battalions are authorized a coat of arms for display on the organizational flag.
  • The coat of arms consists of a shield displayed on the breast of the eagle on the organizational flag as shown in chapter 5, AR 840-10.
  • If the unit is active Army and has war/campaign service, a crest is also authorized. All reserve units have the same design (minuteman) and all national guard units display the crest authorized for the state to which assigned.
  • The request for the DUI is also used for the request for the coat of arms.
  • TIOH will provide a design along with the distinctive unit insignia.
  • After the command concurs with the design, TIOH will prepare a flag drawing and forward it to Army Support Office in Philadelphia for permanent retention.
  • After the organization receives the authorization letter for the coat of arms, a requisition (DD Form 1348-6 Manual) for the flag may be submitted to the Army Support Office, Philadelphia.

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