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w / u̯ (Z7) —(en:Gardiner's Sign List)

Egyptian hieroglyph: Coil:: phonogram w "oo"

Others phonograms w:
w (G43) Category:Quail chick (hieroglyph)
Similar form:
št, nwḥ, ṯs, šnt, šn (V1) abbrev 100; det rope; to tie; phon-det shn. Category:Coil "100" (hieroglyph)
  • Note: Hieratic abbreviation for G43. The coil is used as an equivalent to the Quail chick and is equal in phonetic value to the "w", or "u", and is most commonly used as the plural (end of words). But is found in the "hieroglyphic blocks" of a word or word-group spelling.