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Colorado River in the Grand Canyon by mile:

  • ----------Paria River, (Vermilion Cliffs northwest)
  • 000.0--Lee's Ferry, (Vermilion Cliffs northwest)
  • 000.2--Paria River Riffle
  • 51.9--Nankoweap Creek
  • 52.0--Nankoweap Rapid
  • 61.2--Little Colorado River
  • Grand Canyon, East Rim, Cape Solitude, Comanche Point, Desert View, Zuni Point
  • 63.5--Temple Butte
  • 65.4--Lava Creek
  • 65.5--Lava Canyon (Chuar) Rapid
  • 65.6--Lava Butte, (of Cardenas Lava)
  • 68.3--Tanner Canyon
  • 68.3--Tanner Creek
  • 68.4--Tanner Graben
  • 68.5--Tanner Rapid
  • 69.2--Basalt Creek
  • 69.3--Basalt Creek Delta
  • 72.3--Unkar Creek
  • 72.4--Unkar Creek Delta
  • 72.5--Unkar Rapids
  • Grand Canyon, South Rim, Zuni Point, Moran Point, Grandview Point
  • Grand Canyon, South Rim, (at Grand Canyon Village), Yaki Point, Yavapai Point, Hopi Point, Pima Point
  • 83.6--Eightythree Mile Rapid
  • 83.9--Lonetree Canyon
  • 84.1--Clear Creek (Arizona)
  • 84.6--Zoroaster Canyon
  • 84.7--Zoroaster Rapid
  • 85.2--Cremation Canyon
  • 85.3--85-mile Rapid
  • 87.6--Bright Angel Canyon, en:North Kaibab Trail
  • 87.7--Bright Angel Rapid
  • 88.7--Pipe Creek
  • 88.8--Garden Creek and Pipe Creek, en:Bright Angel Trail
  • 88.9--Pipe Springs Rapid
  • Grand Canyon, South Rim, (west)
  • 90.1--Horn Creek
  • 90.2--Horn Creek Rapid
  • 91.0--Ninetyone Mile Creek
  • 91.3--Trinity Creek
  • 91.9--Salt Creek
  • 92.0--Salt Creek Rapid
  • 93.3--Monument Creek
  • 93.4--Granite Rapid
  • 94.0--Ninetyfour Mile Creek
  • Grand Canyon, West Rim
  • 107.7--Bass Rapid, (en:North Bass Trail)
  • 133.7--Tapeats Creek
  • 133.7--Tapeats Rapid
  • 143.1--Kanab Creek
  • 143.2--Kanab Canyon
  • 143.5--Kanab Rapid
  • 168.0--Fern Glen Rapid
  • 171.2--Mohawk Canyon
  • 171.3--Gateway Rapid
  • 176.7--Views from Toroweap Overlook
  • 176.8--Toroweap Overlook
  • 176.9--Toroweap Fault
  • 177.2--Vulcan's Throne
  • 178.6--Prospect Valley
  • 179.2--Lava Falls Rapid
  • 179.7--Lower Lava Rapid

English: The Colorado River, rapids, canyons, and features by mile, from en:Lee's Ferry, Mile 0.0 to Mile 296.
(Note: see List of Colorado River rapids and features (Grand Canyon region).)


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