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These images satisfy three criteria:

They are therefore likely to be good desktop backgrounds (wallpaper).

To check aspect ratio, go to the properties of the image, and then divide its height by its width. If the resulting number is 0.5625 or 0.625, then it's the ratio we want. Anything between 0.53 and 0.66 (0.5625−5% to 0.625+5%) is tolerable. See table.

In general, images less than 1024 pixels in width are to be avoided; most widescreen displays are also high resolution.

To put an image in this category, add {{WideCommonsWallpaper}} or „|wallpaper=2“ to {{Assessments}} if it is featured on Commons or {{WideWallpaper-en}} if it is featured on the English Wikipedia (but not on Commons).

See also: Non-widescreen desktop backgrounds, Widescreen but non-featured desktop backgrounds

Wallpaper on a screen
Aspect ratios as height / width
Ratio height / width
−5% exact +5%
5:4 0.76 0.8 0.84
4:3 0.71 0.75 0.79
aka 16:10
0.60 0.63 0.66
16:9 0.53 0.56 0.59

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