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The commons photographers by graphics ability category allows commons users identify skill, experience, etc.. You can list yourself in a suitable category by graphics ability, either by adding the appropriate category to your user page, or by using one of the below templates. They can be used either individually or as part of the {{babel}} template, which groups them in this way: {{babel|BG-1|PH-2}}.

  • {{User PH-0}} & {{User PH-1}} : most of us just need a standard camera and can take a typical picture.
  • {{User PH-2}} : has a good camera, makes pretty photographs.
  • {{User PH-3}} : has a good camera and makes amazing photographs, perfect for illustrating an article.
  • {{User PH-4}} : professional or near-professional photographer

To get an idea of whether you are a User PH-0, PH-1, PH-2, PH-3, or PH-4, see:

If you have clean-up abilities, note that subjects on white backgrounds are especially welcome on Wikipedia's articles (above first and fourth image).


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