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 The article Complex adaptive systems on Wikipedia projects: (en) Complex adaptive system ·
(ca) Sistema adaptatiu complex · (de) Komplexes adaptives System · (es) Sistema adaptativo complejo · (fa) سامانه‌های انطباقی پیچیده · (fr) Système complexe adaptatif · (ja) 複雑適応系 · (nl) Complex adaptief systeem · (pt) Sistema adaptativo complexo · (ru) Сложная адаптивная система · (sk) Komplexný adaptívny systém · (sv) Komplexa adaptiva system · (uk) Складна адаптивна система · +/−
English: Complex adaptive systems are special cases of complex systems, often defined as a 'complex macroscopic collection' of relatively 'similar and partially connected micro-structures' – formed in order to adapt to the changing environment, and increase its survivability as a macro-structure.


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