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Consensus reality is a set of philosophical theories which argue that reality, or at least our understanding of it, is determined or influenced by consensus. These theories are related to sociological theories of conformity and public opinion, but tend to be more concerned with epistomological and metaphysical questions. Many theories of consensus reality are postmodernist in character, but the terms are not directly interchangeable.

<nowiki>Realidad del consenso; 恒常現象; Adostasunaren errealitatea; реальність консенсусу; konsenzualna resničnost; реальность консенсуса; Realidade de consenso; Rialitàti cunzinzuàli; 합의된 실재; consensus reality; واقع توافقي; 共识现实; realitat del consens; what is generally agreed to be reality, based on a consensus view; 합의된 관점에 따라 사실, 실재한다고 여기는 것들; Консенсуальная реальность; Общепринятая реальность; Обусловленная реальность; コンセンサスの現実; 합의된 사실성; 합의된 사실; 합의 실재</nowiki>
consensus reality 
what is generally agreed to be reality, based on a consensus view
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