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APG IV Classification: DomainEukaryota • (unranked)Archaeplastida • RegnumPlantae • Cladusangiosperms • Claduseudicots • Claduscore eudicots • Cladussuperasterids • Cladusasterids • Claduseuasterids II • OrdoAsterales • FamiliaAsteraceae • SubfamiliaAsteroideae • TribusAstereae • SubtribusConyzinae • Genus: Conyza Less.
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Laennecia Cass.
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Note: The taxon described by this category is unresolved. Additional references are needed to decide if the name is either accepted or a synonym.

Included species (for ITIS):
C. bonariensis, C. canadensis, C. floribunda, C. laevigata, C. primulifolia, C. ramosissima
Included species (for The Plant List):
C. abyssinica, C. ageratoides, C. agnewii, C. agrostophylla, C. alluaudii, C. altoandina, C. amboinica, C. andina, C. andringitrana, C. androrangensis, C. arabidifolia, C. arenosa, C. atrixioides, C. attenuata, C. bakeri, C. bampsiana, C. baumii, C. blinii, C. boelckei, C. boranensis, C. burkartii, C. burmeana, C. bustillosiana, C. capillipes, C. cardaminifolia, C. catharinensis, C. cayennensis, C. chionea, C. clarenceana, C. collina, C. copiapina, C. cordata, C. coronopifolia, C. dentonae, C. depilis, C. deserticola, C. edelbergii, C. eucoma, C. fastigiata, C. feae, C. filaginoides, C. flabellata, C. foliosa, C. fruticulosa, C. gallianii, C. garnieri, C. gayana, C. glabrata, C. glabrescens, C. glandulitecta, C. gnaphalioides, C. grahamii, C. hirtella, C. hochstetteri, C. hypoleuca, C. incana, C. japonica, C. kahuzica, C. laevigata, C. larrainiana, C. lasseriana, C. lateralis, C. leucantha, C. lignescens, C. limosa, C. longipedunculata, C. lorentzii, C. loueirii, C. macrophylla, C. magnimontana, C. mandrarensis, C. maxima, C. megensis, C. messeri, C. microcephala, C. microglossa, C. mima, C. minutiflora, C. mixta, C. modesta, C. moelleri, C. monorchis, C. montigena, C. muliensis, C. myriocephala, C. nana, C. neglecta, C. nemoralis, C. neocandolleana, C. newii, C. obscura, C. oligantha, C. pallidiflora, C. pampeana, C. pannosa, C. pectinata, C. pencana, C. perennis, C. perijaensis, C. perrieri, C. pinnata, C. pinnatifida, C. podocephala, C. popayanensis, C. principis, C. procumbens, C. prolialba, C. pterocaulon, C. pulsatilloides, C. pusilla, C. pycnophylla, C. pyrrhopappa, C. ramosissima, C. reitziana, C. retirensis, C. ruderalis, C. rufa, C. ruwenzoriensis, C. saltensis, C. sarmentosa, C. scabrida, C. schiedeana, C. schimperi, C. schlechtendalii, C. semipinnatifida, C. sennii, C. serrana, C. setulosa, C. spiciformis, C. spiculosa, C. spinellosa, C. spinosa, C. stenophylla, C. steudelii, C. subscaposa, C. subspicata, C. suffruticosa, C. sumatrensis, C. tenera, C. thapsoides, C. thermarum, C. thesiifolia, C. tigrensis, C. trihecatactis, C. tunariensis, C. ulmifolia, C. urticifolia, C. valdiviana, C. varia, C. variegata, C. vernonioides, C. viguieri, C. viscida, C. welwitschii
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