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Cooch Behar, a former princely state, is the district headquarters and the largest town of Cooch Behar District in the Indian state of West Bengal. Cooch Behar was really a beautiful township. While it was ruled by the Kings they planned this town in a unique manner. The roads are all straight. Trees were planted along with the roads. Now-a-days we all speak about environment. But More than hundred years back the rulers of Cooch Behar were well aware of environment problems. Huge number of ponds were dug within the township in different areas. Not only environment, the rulers of this princely state were very much interested in promoting education among the residents. Standard schools for both boys and girls were established. During that period of time, in the latter part of nineteenth century education for girls were really rarest of things. Cooch Behar being situated in a remote corner standard education system for the girls was really unthinkable. But the enlightened rulers of Cooch Behar had the guts to provide education not only for the boys, but for the girls too. A standard college, Victoria College was also established. First three Principals of this college were British educationists. The first Indian Principal of this college was the eminent scholar philosopher and the teacher of Dr. Sarbapally Radhakrishnan, Acharya Brojendranath Seal. This very attitude shows how the rulers here used to care for education. These rulers were all lovers of sports also.


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