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Vincent van Gogh - Corridor in the Asylum

Corridor in the Asylum is a watercolor gouache that Vincent made during his stay at the Saint-Paul Asylum in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. The painting is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Jan Hulsker thought it was probably executed in October 1889 at a time when Vincent spent some weeks without canvas or an adequate supply of oil paints because of a delay in an order he had made (the "watercolor" is in fact diluted oil paint). Other editors have placed it as executed around May or June, sent as a kind of report on his surroundings to his brother Theo, while yet other editors place it as late July while Vincent was recovering from his mid-July attack of mania .[1] There is no mention of the work in Vincent's surviving letters.

The work is given full colour reproductions in both Hulsker's and de la Faille's catalogue raisonnés (colourplate XXXVII JH1808 and colourplate p. 590 F1529 respectively). Related works are F1530 The Vestibule of the Asylum and F1528 Window of Vincent's Studio at the Asylum.

<nowiki>Corridor in the Asylum; Korridor im Hospital Saint-Paul; A Saint-Paul elmegyógyintézet folyosója in Saint-Rémyben; Corridor in the Asylum; Painting by Vincent Vang Gogh (MET 48.190.2); Painting by Vincent Vang Gogh (MET 48.190.2)</nowiki>
Corridor in the Asylum 
Painting by Vincent Vang Gogh (MET 48.190.2)
Corridor in the Asylum MET DT365509.jpg
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Istanza di
Raffiguracorridoio, uomo and archway
LuogoMetropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan, New York, Stati Uniti d'America
Numero di inventario
Data di fondazione o creazione
  • 1889
  • 49,1 cm
  • 65,1 cm
Authority file
Wikidata Q26221337
identificativo Metropolitan Museum of Art: 336327
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  1. Colta Ives; Susan Alyson Stein; Sjraar van Heugten; Marije Vellekoop (2005) Vincent Van Gogh: The Drawings, Category:New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, p. 322 ISBN: 978-1588391650.

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