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Deutsch: Eine Kosakenmütze ist nach der Defination des Duden (6. überarbeitete Auflage von 2007) eine runde Pelzmütze mit einer hochgeschlagenen Krempe.

Ridiculous category. There is no such thing like "a Cossack hat". This hat is "Romanian" Image:Constantin Moruzi.jpg, this hat is "Cherkessian" Image:Kubanka.jpg and this hat is "Georgian" perhaps Image:Gorskii 03945u.jpg. Cossack havent invented their own style of hats. Fur hats are very common for Eastern Europe and Caucassus, but it doesnt make them all the "Cossack hats".--Alex Tora (talk) 08:14, 12 November 2008 (UTC) (see talk)


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