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  1. When a file belongs to a category, it should be contained in it.
  2. Whenever possible, this can be eased by an appropriate template.
  3. Into all "Created with ..." categories should be categorized only by templates.
  4. Additional assignments, as W3C-validity of SVG, should be combined by powerful templates.
  5. Other properties of files, esp. about their creation, should be collected together.

See also: Commons:Created with ... templates.

All the Created with ... templates and SVG created with ... templates use the following procedure to get their text translated

  • the template invokes via Autotranslate its national version (same template name with "/" and language code): passes the parameters
    • that template invokes the template Created with (one version for each language, with "/" and language code): creates the text
      • and this one invokes the final template Created with: displays the text [and categorizes]


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