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SVG code created with Text Editor can be kept very short and can easily be edited using a simple text editor.

Two diverging opinions are widespread
  • 1st: The SVG code should be formatted mainly that a human person can read it easily, no matter how large the file would grow. Excessive use of SVG elements as line, rect, circle, ellipse, polyline, polygon instead of path represents best the geometric structures. Lots of spaces, tabs and linefeeds give a good appearance, together with sufficient comments it will help to a swift overview.
  • 2nd: The coding that is passed to the librsvg should consist only of the executable statements. Since manual SVG graphics are rather restricted to simpler structures it is less necessary to explain a lot; any comment and edit help may be in the file description page, or the file talk page even excessively, but the file itself should kept puristically small in a compressed format.

You can use template {{Created with Text Editor}} or simply {{HandSVG}} to add your page to this category and to indicate how the SVG was made.
Also useable is {{Inkscape-hand}} or {{Adobe-hand}}.

Always tag the file whether it is valid, e.g. with {{HandSVG|v}}, or invalid by nominating the number of validation errors {{HandSVG|err=error count}}; these parameters ensure the proper subcategorizing.

  • As well you can use {{SimplSVG}}, especially when you replace another version, providing more possibilities for subcatories and to describe file size reduction.
With {{SimplSVG}} you may also mark single files or categories of files better to be drawn by hand.

Template {{SimplSVG}} also generates via {{ValidSVG}} a link to the W3C validator:

W3CThe source code of this SVG is valid. U+21E6.svgThis link to the validator passes the option to show the SVG coding

While text-editing creators of SVG files try to keep simple things simple and are drawing very simple geometric structures by hand to avoid
the bloating of the simpliest graphics with the useless cruft generated by different SVG tools, Inkscape fans are calling that mere nonsense

Nevertheless everybody who wants to provide Wikimedia with simple structured images may get there some suggestions how this can be done.

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