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<nowiki>creatina cinasa; ck nac; creatina-cinasa; Creatin-Kinase; CK-MB; 肌酸激酶; Creatinfosfokinază; クレアチンキナーゼ; Kreatinkinas; креатинфосфокіназа; 肌酸激酶; 肌酸激酶; Kreatiinikinaasi; Креатин киназа; Kreatin-kinaza; Creatinchinasi; créatine kinase; Kreatin kinaza; Creatin-Kinase; 肌酸激酶; 肌酸激酶; Креатин киназа; Kreatin kinaza; creatine kinase; creatinofosfoquinase; Креатинкиназа; 肌酸激酶; Kreatina kinase; kreatinkinase; kreatinkinase; 肌酸激酶; creatinekinase; Kreatin kinaza; קראטין קינאז; Kinaza kreatynowa; Creatina quinase; كيناز الكرياتين; κινάση κρεατίνης; 크레아틴 인산화효소; clase de enzimas; enzyme; enzym; клас ферментів; Enzymgruppe; 전이효소의 종류; class of enzymes; کرتینین کیناز; enzima; Fosfochinasi; Creatinfosfochinasi; Creatinin fosfochinasi; Creatinin-fosfochinasi; Cpk-mb; CPK; CK; CPK; クレアチンホスホキナーゼ; Créatine phosphokinase; Creatine kinase; 9001-15-4; Kreatina fosfokinase; Kreatine Kinase; Kinase kreatina; Fosfokreatina kinase; Kreatin Kinase; Kinaza kreatyninowa; Kinaza fosfokreatynowa; CPK; Fosfokinaza kreatynowa; КФК; креатинкіназа; creatine kinase; CK-MB; Kreatinkinase; Creatin-Phosphokinase; Creatinkinase; CKMB; Kreatin-Kinase; CK-MM; CK-MiMi; CK-NAC; CK-BB; Kreatiinifosfokinaasi; creatine phosphokinase; ATP:creatine phosphotransferase; adenosine triphosphate-creatine transphosphorylase; ATP:creatine N-phosphotransferase; phosphocreatine kinase; creatine phosphotransferase; CPK; CK; كرياتين كيناز; CPK; CK; Fosfocreatín cinasa; Fosfocreatin cinasa; creatina quinasa; creatina fosfocinasa</nowiki>
creatine kinase 
class of enzymes
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  • group or class of enzymes
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