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Cymraeg: Pentref a chymuned yn Lloegr ydy Cropston. (→Cropston)
English: Cropston is a village within the civil parish of Thurcaston & Cropston, part of the Borough of Charnwood in Leicestershire, England. It is on the edge of Charnwood Forest, and lies close to Bradgate Park. (→Cropston)
Polski: Cropstonwieś w Anglii, w hrabstwie Leicestershire, w dystrykcie Charnwood. Leży 8 km na północny zachód od miasta Leicester i 151 km na północny zachód od Londynu. (→Cropston)
Scots: Cropston is a veelage athin the ceevil parish o Thurcaston & Cropston, part of the Charnwood Borough o Leicestershire, Ingland. It is on the edge o Charnwood Forest, an lees close tae Bradgate Park. The veelage itself is sma, wi the aulder properties close tae the crossroads o Reservoir an Station Roads. Near the crossroads there are twa pubs, The Bradgate Arms an The Badger's Sett (umwhile The Reservoir Inn), a post office an a garage. There are a number o cottages datin back tae the 16t century. Cropston Reservoir lees atween the veelage an Bradgate Park. The Victorian pumpin station next tae the reservoir haes nou been replacit wi a mair modren facility, but the oreeginal ingineerin can still be seen at the Severn Trent Visitor Centre, which haes an education centre for childer an aw. Cropston Cricket Club hold regular fixtures at their Waterfield Road cricket field. (→Cropston)