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English: A common cross-legged position is with the lower legs folded towards the body, crossing each other at the ankle or calf, with both ankles on the floor, sometimes with the feet tucked under the knees or thighs. The position is known in several European languages as tailor style, from the traditional working posture of tailors; compare tailor's bunion. It is also named after various plains-dwelling nomads: in English Indian style, in many European languages "Turkish style", and in Japanese agura (胡座, The sitting style of non-Han ethnics (particularly Turks, Mongols and other Central Asians.)?). In yoga it is known as sukhasana.
cross-legged sitting 
sitting position
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cross-legged sitting (en); assis en tailleur (fr); cross-legged sitting (en); Sitzen im Schneidersitz (de); seure a la gatzoneta (ca) sitting position (en); postura per seure arronsant les cames (ca); posture (fr); sitting position (en) Indian style, taylor style, cross-legged position (en); en tailleur (fr)


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