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British Museum reference Am1898,-.1
Detailed description The Crystal Skull
Location Room 24

The Crystal Skulls were fabricated in Germany in the 19th Century, in fact in the gem and Diamond-polishing cities of those places, that were unified in 1933 in the city of Idar-Oberstein. The client was a prosperous man by the name of Florian Rosenfelder, from Germany, who operated privately and was a hobbyist archaeologist and who brought the crystal heads also to the Maya region, then to "discover" it in order to cause a sensation. Although he was able only to place the crystal heads at different places where he thought they would be "discovered" before witnesses however, he did not succeed with that because he died of a poisoning, that he suffered through the natives, who then robbed him. The Skulls are simply a fraud, people who believe that the skulls are extra terrestrial want to believe in such things to beid their time, indulge in magic, even create an industry, film, tv documentaries, such claims are exploited as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole, just as the creator of these misleading objects.

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