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日本語: アルバニア文化に関するカテゴリ。
Culture of Albania
Art of Albania(9 C, 13 F)
Art in Albania(8 C, 4 F)
Albania in art(5 C, 6 F)
Artists from Albania(9 C, 49 F)
Cinema of Albania(3 C, 1 F)
Crafts of Albania(1 C, 5 F)
Icons of Albania(1 C, 21 F)
Performing arts of Albania(3 C, 1 F)
Paintings from Albania(2 C, 5 F)
Street art in Albania(1 C, 1 F)
Awards of Albania(1 C)
Libraries in Albania(1 C, 1 F)
Museums in Albania(16 C, 15 F)
Theaters in Albania(2 C, 15 F)
Clothing of Albania(3 C, 32 F)
Media of Albania(3 C, 11 F)
Signs in Albania(6 C, 2 F)
Cuisine of Albania(10 C, 58 F)
Food products of Albania(2 C, 2 F)
Beers of Albania(1 C, 5 F)
Dolma(4 C, 2 P, 74 F)
Flia(13 F)
Pilaf(3 C, 1 P, 17 F)
Sausages of Albania(1 C)
Torshi(1 C, 21 F)
Wine in Albania(2 C, 2 F)
Culture of Tirana(10 C, 6 F)
Churches in Tirana(3 C, 1 F)
Ethem Bey mosque(3 C, 93 F)
Museums in Tirana(6 C, 8 F)
Open Labs(8 C, 6 F)
Statues in Tirana(1 C, 3 F)
Synagogue in Tirana(5 F)
Funerals in Albania(1 F)
Graves in Albania(5 C, 4 F)
Education in Albania(4 C, 14 F)
Dance of Albania(1 C, 4 F)
Performing arts of Albania(3 C, 1 F)
Events in Albania(7 C, 23 F)
Graffiti in Albania(7 F)
no subcategories
Koman culture(3 F)
no subcategories
Languages of Albania(6 C, 1 F)
Albanian language(14 C, 52 F)
Aromanian language(1 C, 9 F)
Greek language(32 C, 157 F)
Macedonian language(21 C, 1 P, 10 F)
Literature of Albania(6 C, 15 F)
Albanian bibles(1 F)
Mehdi Bardhi(2 F)
Writers from Albania(28 C, 1 P, 27 F)
Religion in Albania(8 C, 14 F)
Christianity in Albania(8 C, 7 F)
Islam in Albania(6 C, 3 F)
Judaism in Albania(3 C, 3 F)
Religion maps of Albania(1 C, 12 F)
no subcategories
Symbols of Albania(10 C, 1 F)
Emblems of Albania(5 C)
Flags of Albania(9 C, 1 P, 1 F)
Heraldry of Albania(6 C)
Logos of Albania(6 C)
Money of Albania(2 C, 1 F)
National anthem of Albania(1 C, 4 F)
Personifications of Albania(1 C, 1 F)
Stamps of Albania(6 C, 22 F)
Tourism in Albania(6 C, 1 P, 14 F)
Beaches of Albania(7 C, 20 F)
Hiking in Albania(2 C, 24 F)
Hotels in Albania(4 C, 51 F)
Souvenirs of Albania(1 C, 7 F)
no subcategories
Culture of Vlora(2 C, 7 F)
Muradie Mosque(19 F)
World Heritage Sites in Albania(3 C, 1 P, 1 F)
Berat(10 C, 1 P, 69 F)
Butrint(24 C, 96 F)
Gjirokastër(8 C, 1 P, 91 F)


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