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English: This category is for compounds containing the cyanide anion, CN and for HCN and its inorganic derivatives.

The term cyanide is sometimes used to refer to covalently-bonded organic compounds of the form R−C≡N, but current advice is to call these compounds nitriles, so they belong in Category:Nitriles.

However, where R is not a carbon atom but another element such as silicon, the compound may be correctly called a cyanide even though it is for the most part organic.
ဆိုင်ယာနိုက် (my); 山埃 (yue); Cianid (hu); Zianuro (eu); Sianida (ms); Cianur (ca); Cyanide (de); 사이안화물 (ko); Ciainíd (ga); Ցիանիդ (hy); 氰化物 (zh); Cyanid (da); Cianură (ro); シアン化物 (ja); Ціаніди (uk); cyanide (en); Kyanid (sk); ไซยาไนด์ (th); ציאניד (he); Cyanidum (la); سیانور (azb); ស៊ីយ៉ាញួរ (km); Цианид (bg); Syanidi (fi); cyanid (nb); Cianido (eo); Kyanidy (cs); Cijanid (bs); Cianuro (it); Cyanide (nl); Cyanure (fr); Sianida (jv); Cijanid (hr); سیانور (fa); cyjanek (pl); Sianida (id); सायनाइड (hi); Siyanür (tr); Цианиды (ru); Xyanua (vi); Cijanid (sh); Cianīdi (lv); Sianied (af); Цијанид (sr); Cianidas (lt); Siyanuro (tl); Cianeto (pt); Cyanide (sco); Syanuro (war); cyanid (nn); സയനൈഡ് (ml); Sianida (su); ციანიდი (ka); சயனைடு (ta); Cianuro (es); Cyanider (sv); Cianuro (gl); سيانيد (ar); Κυανίδιο (el); Cianur (oc) Anione derivante dall'acido cianidrico, estremamente tossico (it); Salze und andere Verbindungen des Cyanwasserstoffs (Blausäure) (de); Hợp chất hoá học có chứa nhóm xyano (vi); any chemical compound with cyanide anion (en); każdy związek chemiczny zawierający anion cyjankowy (pl); Compuesto químico (es) cyanides (en); cyjanki (pl)
any chemical compound with cyanide anion
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