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medical diagnosis
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cianosis (es); Kögerw (kk-tr); Көгеру (kk-kz); zianosi (eu); cianosi (ca); dulasedd (cy); Цыяноз (be); Цијаноза (sr-ec); Цианоза (bg); Cyanose (da); Siyanoz (tr); チアノーゼ (ja); Cyanos (sv); כיחלון (he); 發紺 (zh-hant); 发绀 (zh-cn); Syanoosi (fi); Көгеру (kk); cyanóza (cs); 發紺 (zh-tw); cianosi (it); Zyanose (de); cyanose (fr); 發紺 (zh); Cijanoza (hr); Цианоз (ru); Цианоз (ky); Cyanóza (sk); 發紺 (zh-hk); Cijanoza (sr-el); Cijanoza (sh); cianose (pt); كوگەرۋ (kk-arab); Kögerw (kk-latn); cyanose (nl); Цијаноза (sr); cianoza (sl); sinica (pl); Көгеру (kk-cyrl); 发绀 (zh-sg); Sianosis (id); cyanose (nn); cyanose (nb); Sianoz (az); كوگەرۋ (kk-cn); کبودی پوست (fa); Cianózis (hu); Ціаноз (uk); cyanosis (en); زرقة (ar); 发绀 (zh-hans); 청색증 (ko) signe clínic (ca); Blaufärbung der Haut (de); zdravstvena diagnoza (sl); medical diagnosis (en); Larruazaleko kolorazio urdina, odolaren gutxiegizko oxigenazioak eragindakoa (eu); stav namodralého zbarvení kůže způsobený nedostatečným okysličením krve (cs); coloración azulada de la piel, mucosas y lechos ungueales (es) Modrikavost (sl); Cianótico, Cianotico (es); Sinica obwodowa, Cyjanoza, Sinica centralna (pl); ציאנוזיס (he); Blauwzucht (nl); 末梢性發紺, 中央性發紺, 蒼藍症, 发绀, 紫紺, 中心性發紺 (zh); Doença azul (pt); Cyanose, Blausucht, Zyanotisch (de); Syanosis, Cyanosis (fi); Сінюха (be); سیانوز, کبودی (fa); cyanosa, cianóza, cyanoza (cs); Cianotico (it)

Cyanosis is a blue to purple coloration of the skin and mucous membranes which may happen because of reduced oxygen in the blood or when small blood vessels constrict (vasoconstriction) because of a medical problem, and not enough oxygenated blood can reach that area of the body.

Usually cyanosis is first seen in the fingertips especially under the fingernails (the nail bed) and the lips. The longer the body goes without oxygen, the larger the area which becomes cyanotic. The extremities are affected by cyanosis first, they include; the fingertips and the lips and also the toes, tip of the nose and ear lobes.


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