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Smith System: DomainEukaryota • RegnumPlantae • DivisioPteridophyta • ClassisPolypodiopsida • OrdoCyatheales • Familia: Cyatheaceae
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Note: Circunscription sensu Smith et al. 2006[1] corrected sensu Korall et al. 2007[2]
  • Alsophila (including Gymnosphaera, Nephelea)
  • Cyathea (incl. Hymenophyllopsis, Cnemidaria, Hemitelia, Trichipteris)
  • Sphaeropteris (incl. Schizocaena, Fourniera).
Alsophila (Cyatheaceae), Cyathea, Gymnosphaera, Sphaeropteris
Alsophila (Cyatheaceae), Cyathea, Hymenophyllopsis, Sphaeropteris
Actinophlebia, Alsophila (Cyatheaceae), Amphicosmia, Chnoophora, Cnemidaria, Cormophyllum, Cyathea, Dicranophlebia, Disphenia, Eatoniopteris, Fourniera, Gymnopremnon, Gymnosphaera, Haplophlebia, Haydenia, Hemitelia, Microstegnus, Nephelea, Schizocaena, Sphaeropteris, Thysanobotrya, Trachypremnon, Trichipteris
Note: list containing potentially synonyms
  1. A. R. Smith, K. M. Pryer, E. Schuettpelz, P. Korall, H. Schneider, P. G. Wolf. 2006. "A classification for extant ferns". Taxon 55(3), 705-731 (pdf here)
  2. Korall, P., D.S. Conant, J.S. Metzgar, H. Schneider, K.M. Pryer. 2007. A molecular phylogeny of scaly tree ferns (Cyatheaceae). American Journal of Botany 94: 873-886. (pdf here)


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