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Deutsch: Radwanderweg

This category is for cycling routes media according to this definition: Cycle routes are named or numbered or otherwise signed routes, which may go along roads or dedicated cycle paths. (source OSM).

Media in this category and its categories should be categorized, if possible:

  • by country, eventually by region
  • into category of a specific route (if it exists)
  • by depicted objects, for example Category:Cycling route signs, Category:Bikeways and its subcategories (signs of bikeways, road marking of bikeways), Cyclists etc. Bikeways are special ways for bicycles (only) which may or may not be part of a cycling route. On the other hand, cycling routes can also go along roads not especially intended for cycling.
Routenführung, die vorrangig dem Fahrradtourismus dient
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Unterklasse von Route
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Kolesarska povezava (sl); véloroute (fr); Vëlosstreck (lb); cykelled (sv); Szlak rowerowy (pl); Cyklistická trasa (sk); lange-afstandsfietsroute (nl); длинный веломаршрут (ru); Radfeernweg (nds); Radwanderweg (de); Veloroute (vls); long-distance cycling route (en); bisiklet yolu (tr); cyklistická trasa (cs); cykelrute (da) Routenführung, die vorrangig dem Fahrradtourismus dient (de); Verbindungsweeër fir Cyclisten tëscht eenzelen Uertschaften (lb); itinéraire cyclable (fr); Cykelväg med inriktning på cykelturister (sv); designated cycling routes in various countries around the world for bicycle tourism, normally longer than local cycling paths (en) Fietsroute (vls); Véloroutes, Veloroute (fr); Radroute, Radwanderroute, Radfernroute, Fernradroute, Radfernweg, Fernradweg, Touristischer Radweg, Veloroute, Velowanderroute, Velofernroute, Fernveloroute, Touristische Radroute (de); cycling route, cycle trail, cycle path (en); Vëlospist, PC (lb); Szlaki rowerowe (pl); Cyklotrasa, Cykloturistická trasa (cs); fietsroute (nl)


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