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This category is about The Daimler Company of Coventry England founded 1896. For Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft the Stuttgart Germany based business see Category:Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft vehicles.

Daimler cars were identified for marketing purposes by the engine's tax rating (Eighteen horsepower, Twenty horsepower, Thirty-Six etc)
and a description of the body-chassis combination.
In 1950 a specially modified car, for export only (a modified Eighteen with all-steel body and a curved grille) was named Consort
and thereafter new models generally received names:

  • Sports: Barker Special Sports; Conquest Roadster; SP 250
  • Medium: Conquest; 2.5 V8; V8 250
  • Large: Consort; Regency; One-O-Four; Majestic; Majestic Major; Sovereign; 4.2; Six
  • Flagship: DF400; DK400; DR450; DS420; Double-Six; Eight; Super V8; Super Eight


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