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dbx, Inc. is a producer of professional audio recording equipment. It was founded by David E. Blackmer and Zaki Abdun-Nabi in 1971 (the operations began in 1971 but the Massachusets company was legally set up in 1972). In 1978 the company was acquired by British BSR group, the founders managed it until the end of 1982. Later in 1980s the company was acquired by AKG, and then the whole AKG became part of Harman. In 1995 Harman divested the integrated circuit division of dbx, Inc. which became an independent THAT Corporation.

Its early products were based on the concept of using decibel expansion which gave the company its name.[1] dbx is best known for the dbx noise reduction system.[2] They also manufactured the Model 700, a unique but short-lived studio recording system, briefly popular in some circles as a mastering format.



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