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writing script for many Indian and Nepalese languages
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English: Devanagari (/ˌdeɪvəˈnɑːɡəriː/ DAY-və-NAH-gər-ee; देवनागरी, IAST: Devanāgarī, a compound of "deva" देव and "nāgarī" नागरी; Hindi pronunciation: [d̪eːʋˈnaːɡri]), also called Nagari (Nāgarī, नागरी), is an abugida (alphasyllabary) used in India and Nepal. It is written from left to right, has a strong preference for symmetrical rounded shapes within squared outlines, and is recognisable by a horizontal line that runs along the top of full letters. The Devanagari script is used for over 120 languages. Among the languages using it – as either their only script or one of their scripts – are Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Bhojpuri, Maithili, Rajasthani, Chhattisgarhi, Santali, Kashmiri, Konkani, Sindhi, Dogri, Bodo, Newar, Awadhi, Magahi, Haryanvi, Bhili, Mundari, Pali and Sanskrit. The Devanagari script is closely related to the Nandinagari script.


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