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Claimed to be the first exhibit of its type (life-sized anatomically correct human figure, transparent "skin", detailed internal features visible & illuminated-illuminable); certainly an early example. Created a "sensation" when first displayed; inspired many copies & imitations.

Available sources offers conflicting accounts of the date of creation; most agree that a "Gläserne Mensch (Mann)" (i.e.: male) was created first & put on display at the DHM circa-1930, after some "protype-efforts" in the latter 1920s (1927-);, with the female figure appearing in 1935. Some sources omit mention of the male & place the female's "debut" in 1930. Some sources confuse the DHM "per se" with the related 2nd International Hygiene Exhibition in Dresden.

Latter efforts included other "Gläserne"-aminals such as a horse & a cow. Commons does not currently have photos of these other exhibits (please add some!), & the fate of the (original) "Gläserne Mann" is unstated in available sources.

The original "Gläserne Frau" is still extant & on display at the DHM. The "glass" is actually Cellon, an early type of cellulose-based plastic (also used for many other purposes, including WWI-era German experiments with "transparent" aircraft). The material has relatively low UV-resistance, & some later photographs of "Die Gläserne Frau" (unfortunately not available here) show indications of yellowing; no information is availlable about what protection-restoration measures (if any) may have been taken in regards to this.

The DHM currently has 2 "Gläserne Frauen" on display; the original as a "historic" display, & a plastic copy made several decades later, used as part of an interactive exhibit. This category is intended for images of the original "Gläserne Frau".

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