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This category is for images of divine couples in religion.

One of the most ancient concepts in religion is that of the divine couple. In Sumeria the divine couple appears as part of perhaps the earliest notion of Trinity. God the Father was symbolized as the Sun, his consort was symbolized alternately as either the Moon or the Earth, and the king was viewed as their offspring: the Son of the Sun; a living representative (or emanation) of God on Earth.
In many traditions the gods and goddesses who comprise the divine couple are not seen as being separate or distinct entities, but rather as differing aspects of one another, or even emanations of one another. In this we see traces of an even more ancient tradition, God as the primordial androgyne. Such a notion has been part of many theologies, although the idea has largely been forgotten or (perhaps) ignored. See: The Divine Couple

List of known divine couples in religion

Nanna & Ningal (Sumerian) · Shamash & Aya (Sumerian) · Marduk & Sarpanit (Babylonian) · Anshar & Kishar (Akkadian) · Enlil & Ninlil (Akkadian) · Adad (Ishkur) & Shala (Akkadian) · Osiris & Isis (Egyptian) · El (Ilāh) & Athirat (Phoenician) · Hadad & Anat (Phoenician) · Hammon & Tanit (Carthaginian) · Yahweh & Asherah (Hebrew) · Teshub & Hebate (Hittite) · Sarruma & Ankara (Hittite) · Zeus & Hera (Greek) · Sol & Janus (Roman) · Jupiter & Juno (Roman) · Mitra & Varuna (Indo-Aryan) · Odin & Freya (Germanic) · Thor & Sif (Germanic) · Baldr & Nanna (Germanic)