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English: Djet (Serpent, c. 2920 BC) was the third Egyptian king of the first dynasty. Little is known about his reign, he has become famous because of his tomb stela. It is decorated with Djet's Horus name, and shows that the distinct Egyptian style had already become fully developed. Djet's father was Djer. Djet's wife was his sister Merneith, with who he fathered Den.
Français : Ouadji (le serpent) est le nom du quatrième souverain connu de la Ire dynastie (Période Thinite). Son nom d'Horus, Her Djet, signifie « l'Horus serpent ». Sur la Table d'Abydos, il porte le nom de Ita, peut-être son nom de naissance.


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