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English: The Drumeltan was a four-masted iron ship built in 1883 at Russel & Co, Greenock, for Gillison & Chadwick, Liverpool. 1894 she was re-rigged to a barque (after a stranding on the island of Tanega-Shima, Japan). 1898 sold to Drumeltan Sailing Ship Co Ltd, London and 1899 to the Anglo American Oil Co Ltd, London. 1912 transferred to Tank Storage and Carriage Co Ltd, Hong Kong and later (1916) to the Standard Transportation Co, Hong Kong. 1921 sold to Browne and Willis, New York, USA and renamed Margaret Overman and 1922 to the Neptune Lines Inc, New York, converted to schooner and renamed Brooklyn. Later she has many other American owners. Sunk 1936 in a collision off Bayonne, NJ.
Dimensions: 267.4 × 40.4 × 24.2 ft (81.5 × 12.3 × 7.4 m) and tonnage: 1908 GRT, 1848,28 NRT, 3010 DWT and 1759 tons under deck. Rigged with double top-sails, single topgallant sails and royal sails.[1][2]


  • Drumeltan (1883 — 1921)
  • Margaret Overman (1921 — 1922)
  • Brooklyn (1922 — 1936)

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