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Four Treasures of the Study - labeled SVG diagrams[edit]

Four illustrations with short annotations/explanations for the East Asian calligraphy's tools. Asian tradition talk about the « Four Treasures of the Study » (Chinese: traditional 文房四寶, simplified 文房四宝, Pinyin: Wénfáng sì bǎo, Japanese: 文房四宝, Bunbō shihō) or Four Friends of the Study (Korean: 문방사우 (文房四友) Munbang sa woo) for the brush, ink, paper and ink stone. The Ink relate image merge Ink [stick] and Ink stone, while I added an Seal relate illustration with Seal and Seal paste, which are also need to finish a work by signing it. These diagrams are intended to be « 4 key facts diagrams » for the subject East Asian calligraphy's tools.

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