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English: Ekoi people, also known as Ejagham, are an ethnic group in the extreme southeast of Nigeria and extending eastward into Northern Cameroon. Ekoid Bantu languages are spoken by many groups, including the Atam, Boki, Mbembe, Ufia, and Yako. The Ekoi are related to the Efik, Annang and Ibibio people of southeastern Nigeria and have lived closely with them and also claim to have migrated from the Cameroon's to their area. The inhabitants of Kwa, located near Calabar, claim to be the first Ekoi people to have migrated from the Cameroon's. The Ekoi are best known for their Ekpe headdresses.
Français : Les Ekoï sont un peuple d'Afrique de l'Ouest et centrale, établi au sud du Nigeria, dans l'État de Cross River, également de l'autre côté de la frontière dans l'ouest du Cameroun. Ils sont étroitement liés aux Efik et aux Ibibio.


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