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English: Electrician is the person who competent in electrotechnics. It is strictly recommended to have certificate about knowing safety cause work are related to risk. If electrician have no certificate (like, he is studing and employee to having training during studing period), company should have person with certificate who will response on trainee's work.

Electrician qualifications are:

  • Electrician I - does simple works, like outlet or switch wiring (in joke this qualification is named "qualified DIYer" by old electricians cause this qualification means too little knowledges);
  • Electrician II - installs, setups, checks electrical appliences, checks wiring and consumer units, finds out and repairs faults, chooses tools and wiring methods by himself;
  • Electrician III - supervises the work, traines the young electrician trainees, calculates materials, terms and volumes of work;
  • Electrician IV - knows everything about safety, responses on personal's safety, follows codes and standarts;
  • Electrician V - designes electric circuits, distribution substations and power stations, checks and accepts drawings or exams, works with documents, checks conformity of electric units to eletrical code.


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