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  • English: Elisha (/ɨˈlaɪʃə/; Hebrew: אֱלִישָׁע, Modern Elisha Tiberian ʼĔlîšāʻ; "My God is salvation", Greek: Ἐλισσαῖος, Elissaîos or Ἐλισαιέ, Elisaié, Arabic: Alyasa' اليسع) is a prophet and a wonder-worker. Not to be confused with Elishah or Elijah. His name is commonly transliterated into English as Elisha via Hebrew, Eliseus via Greek and Latin, or Alyasa via Arabic, Elyesa via Turkish.
  • Italiano: Eliseo, in ebraico אֱלִישַׁע - Elišaʿ che significa Dio è mia salvezza (... – 790 a.C. circa), è stato un profeta ebraico.
  • Latina: Elisaeus (Hebraice אֱלִישָׁע , quod nomen Latine versum "Deus adiuvat" valet) fuit propheta in Regno Samariae, de quo in Libro secundo regum Bibliorum (2 Reg 2-14) narratur.
  • اردو: الیشع


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