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Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy

̈Emmanuel Philibert (July 8, 1528 – August 30, 1580) was Duke of Savoy from 1553 to 1580.
When Emanuele Filiberto succeded his father Carlo III in 1553 he was essentially a duke without a duchy. A series of wars involving French, Spanish and Swiss forces had devasted Savoy, and by 1536 Francis I had brought the duchy under complete French rule. Emanuele in exile served the king of Spain as governor-general of the Lowlands, and in 1557 delivered a devastating defeat to the French at St. Quentin. As part of subsequent negotiations the Duke was confirmed as the independent ruler of Savoy, assuming full control of his duchy in 1559. The extremely rare talleros of 1556 and 1558 show a strong German influence, probably reflecting the Duke's martial activities in northern Europe. Emmanuel Philibert made Turin his capital, thus shifting the center of his duchy from France to Italy, and Savoy's growing influence in Italian affairs led to the establishment of the House of Savoy as the royal Italian house in 1861.

Manuel Filiberto de Saboya (es); Emánuel Filibert savoyai herceg (hu); Emanuel Filiberto, Savoiako dukea (eu); Эммануил Филиберт (ru); Emanuel Philibert (de); Emmanuel Philibert (ga); Էմանուիլ Ֆիլիբերտ (hy); Емануил Филиберт (bg); Emanuele Filiberto af Savoyen (da); Emanuel Filibert, Duce de Savoia (ro); エマヌエーレ・フィリベルト (ja); Emanuel Filibert av Savoyen (sv); Emanuèl Filibèrt de Savòia (oc); Emanuel Philibertus Sabaudiae (la); Emanuele Filiberto de Savoia (sc); 에마누엘레 필리베르토 (ko); Emanuelo Filiberto de Savojo (eo); Emanuel Filibert Savojský (cs); Emanuel Filiberto, Duque de Saboia (pap); Emanuele Filiberto I di Savoia (it); Emanuel Filibert van Savoye (vls); Manuel Filibert de Savoia (ca); Εμμανουήλ Φιλιβέρτος της Σαβοΐας (el); Эмануіл Філіберт (be); Emmanuel Philibert (sq); Emanuel Filiberto, Duque de Saboia (pt); Emanuel Filibert (fi); Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy (en-ca); Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy (en-gb); Emanuelis Filibertas (lt); Manuel Filiberto de Saboya (sl); Emmanuel-Philibert de Savoie (fr); Emanuel Felisberto, Duque de Saboia (pt-br); Emmanuel Philibert, Duke o Savoy (sco); Emanuel Filibert van Savoye (nl); Emanuel Filibert (pl); Emanuele Filiberto av Savoia (nb); Emanuel Filibert (Savoyya hersoqu) (az); Еммануїл Філіберт (uk); 埃曼紐埃萊·菲利貝爾托·迪·薩伏依 (zh); ემანუელე ფილიბერტო I (ka); אמנואלה פיליברטו, דוכס סבויה (he); Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy (en); ايمانويل فيليبير (ar); Emanuele Filiberto Savoia (1528-1580) (br); ايمانويل فيليبير (arz) nobile italiano, duca di Savoia dal 1553 al 1580 (it); Savoya hercege 1553-1580 k. (hu); gudari espainiarra (eu); militar español (1528–1580) (ast); militar espanyol (ca); Herzog von Savoyen und Statthalter der habsburgischen Niederlande (1528-1580) (de); o Cabeça de Martelo (pt); 10-и херцог на Савоя (bg); spansk militär (sv); książę Sabaudii (pl); Spaans militair (1528-1580) (nl); герцог Савойи (ru); Duke of Savoy from 1553 to 1580 (en); duc de Savoie (fr); militar español (gl); عسكري إسباني (ar); Šlechtic z rodu "Savojských". Byl synem savojského vévody Karla III. (1486-1553), po jeho úmrtí převzal v letech 1553-1580 vládu po něm. V letech 1556-1559 byl také místodržícím habsburského Nizozemska. V r. 1570 mu architekt A. Palladio dedikoval dr (cs); militar spaño (pap) Emanuel Filibert (ro); Savoyai Emánuel Filibert (hu); Emanuel Filibert av Savojen (sv); Manel Filibert (ca); Emanuele Filiberto av Savoie, Emanuele Filiberto, Emmanuel Philibert (nb); Železná hlava, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, Testa 'd Fer (cs); Эммануил Филиберт, герцог Савойский, Эммануил Филибер Савойский (ru); Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia detto Testa di Ferro, Testa di ferro, Emanuele Filiberto (it); Eisenschädel, Emanuel Philibert von Savoyen (de); Emanuel Felisberto, Duque de Saboia, Emanuel Filiberto, Emanuel Felisberto de Sabóia, Emanuel Felisberto (pt); Tête de fer Emmanuel Philibert, Emanuel Philebert, Tete de fer Emmanuel Philibert, Emmanuel Philibert, Emanuele Filiberto, Duke of Savoy (en); Emanuelo-Filiberto de Savojo (eo); Emanuele Filiberto Savoia (br); Manuel Filiberto (es)
Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy 
Duke of Savoy from 1553 to 1580
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Name in native language
  • Emanuele Filiberto I di Savoia
Date of birth8 July 1528, 1528
Date of death30 August 1580, 1580
Place of burial
Country of citizenship
Position held
  • Governor of the Spanish Netherlands (1555–1559)
  • Duke of Savoy
Noble title
Award received
Authority control
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